Ghost Stories

August 18th, 2013: 2 days before the Ghost Festival

The Restless Dead

San Francisco, the city on the Bay and home to the largest population of Chinese immigrants in at least the United States. Does not rest easy. Our heroes have been on high alert as the level of supernatural occurrences and freak hauntings have been on the rise. In the early afternoon Mr Bob Chen – a legacy real estate and will and testament lawyer – called on the help of 4 unique individuals:

Ethan Humphries, a hard-boiled PI that has more than meets the eyes going on.

Emmett Caine, a long time monster hunter with little patience or manners, but a steely gaze and a loving wife, Jing.

Ren Arina, a youth with fire in her soul and Iron in her fist, with a dash of extrasensory perception.

And Katsukira Yomimiru, a young Yuta priestess on her own in Chinatown.

These four were gathered by Mr Chen to settle a problem he was having. He had clients whose temples were being vandalized. Normal vandalizing claims wouldn’t require such a crack team of Investigators and indeed these were no mere vandals. The vandals were destroying the statues of the the heibei wuchang; The Black and White Guardians of Impermanence that watch of the spirits of the good and wicked, making sure they go back to their final reward after their visit is done.

Mr Chen is worried that more of his clients’ property will be damaged, especially as the Yakuza have been making a bid for power in Chinatown and are coming into direct confrontation with the local Triad enforcers. People at the sites of the vandalism are winding up injured superficially, but incapacitated by a crippling Hyperphobia or super fear.

Emmett goes to talk to the – now deemed insane – victims, while Katsukira and Ren check out the local temples that have been vandalized, looking for clues. The hardboiled Ethan tries to contact an old friend, but gets a secretary asking if he can “take a mesage” which sets Ethan on edge. And so the Heibang Wuchang Mystery rapidly unfolds, preparing for dramatic twists and frightful turns.



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