Ghost Stories

August 18th, 2013: 2 days before the Ghost Festival 2

Old Sparky

Still investigating the damage done at the local temples in Chinatown, the separate parts of our investigative team check on different elements.

Ethan uses his eerily accurate Ouija board to commune with the spirit that was supposed to be Mr Fuji. The spirit had little to say but it was important. It spelled J-I-G-O-K-U in response to where Mr Fuji was and T-A-K-E-N for how. And finally when he asked who was doing it and why the TV fired into life and flipped through the TV stations until it landed on a martial arts flick, freezing the screen on the word ‘YAKUZA’ and distorting all images but the enigmatic word before the TV blew out.

Emmet investigated the injured individuals, dressing in Army dress uniform and sneaking in with a very gullible young nurse, Rosalee. He discovered that the victims had gone mad from pain and hyperphobia – the experience of mild fears becoming cripplingly extreme. Two of the victims had slipped into a coma, putting three in comas and two in intensive care.

The girls, Katsukira and Ren, talked with the the monk at the first victimized temple. The church doors were broken, blown off of their hinges, like exhausted sentinels. The statues of the hebei wuchang were destroyed, exploded with shrapnel in the walls and bullets.

The group met back up at the next temple, where they met a group of well dressed thugs. In a spur of strange luck, the group recognized Katsukira as a priestess and asked for her aid. When the de-facto leader balked at the idea, the thick bodied Jigo Takata took over, confiding in the priestess for their problems, discussing in hushed, quiet voices, one Kuruto Ryuujin. While they talked, Ethan took pictures of the explosion, planning on seeking ‘professional aid’.

Their travels in Ethan’s Buick LeSabre took then down to the wharf and the Alcatraz Bar and pub. In the Alcatraz, Katsukira and Ethan met a man by the name of ‘Old Sparky’, a survival nut and spoke with the old man about the bombs on the statues and how to disarm them. Earning some useful information from the simple but intelligent hillfolk.

Meanwhile, in the parking lot Emmet got a call from someone known only as the G-man, who told Emmet in a halting, jolting voice not to stop the destruction of the statues, but to let it go for balances sake.

Now they have to be at the Wu Jei Dai temple off of 12th street by midnight to stop the desecration of this last temple bearing the hebei wujang statues in Chinatown.



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