Ghost Stories

August 18th, 2013: 2 days before the Ghost Festival 3

Triad or Yakuza?

Our heroes investigated the temple after acquiring their anti-explosive, only to find that Det. Bo Hong of the SFPD Organized Crime division was in the temple preparing for the vandalism that was going to happen that night. He told Ren and Katsukira (the two who had entered to check things out) that he police had it handled and they needed to go home.

Emmet meanwhile snuck around back to be the man inside. While he made it into the garden, he was unable to get into the actually temple or in sight of the Heibei Wuchang due to the monks’ cautious actions.

Ethan, on stakeout duty, say a black audi drive around the block.

After being told to leave the temple and go home, the girls instead walked the perimeter of the mighty temples outer walls, leaving Ofuda tags to try and scare off whatever terrible thing was coming that night. The girls were subsequently accosted by one Det. Ichiro Chang, also SFPD Organized Crime and Det. Hong’s partner.

After some philosophical debate, Det. Chang escorted the girls around the doors and windows until the tags were in place and told them to go home, like he was planning too. However, after the girls hitched a ride with Ethan, he didn’t go home, instead going inside help his partner in case something went down.

Ethan saw the black audi again.

At eleven the monks turned in, which was usual for them, having been told by Det. Hong to act like nothing was wrong. When the gong sounded at 1145 the black audi pulled up and out tossed four business casual young asian men, with the look of thugs in suits. They had tec-9s and expandable batons and looked ready for blood. A fat sweaty man that looked like the boss got out last, his emotions running a wide and very nearly insane gammutt.

Emmet snuck to the front, followed by Ethan and the girls snuck in from behind. However, the plan was interrupted by them meeting with Det. Hong in a very civil fashion. Emmet blasted his shotgun to distract them from the girls and the fat one dove inside while the rest scattered, save Hong, who pulled out a non-police issue Desert Eagle handgun.

After a stirring discussion, it was revealed that the asian men were not the Yakuza, but the Triad instead. Hong decided he could no longer afford to arrest Emmet but instead had to kill him. But before any more revelations could be made, all present felt a tense drawing sensation, like fishing line – complete with razor sharp hooks – was being drawn over their skin, letting them know of the danger and terror coming. Acting on instinct, Emmet loading his shotgun with rocksalt.

Walking up the steps was a man of slight build, in an immaculate black 3 piece suit with a red tie. He wore white gloves and had on a short top hat, with long black hair streaming under his hat. In his left hand was a katana, the scabbard ancient and battered, the guard equally ancient and tarnished by blood and rust, and the wrap at the hilt in tatters from bloody use.

He was stopped by Katsukira’s barrier which emboldened the Triad goons to fire a hail of bullets. But being normal humans, they could not see the barrier shatter like she did at the mere breaking of the seal on the katana.

In a step through inky blackness, the anachronistic man dodged the hail of bullets and was next seen in their midst, his stance prepared to strike down one or more of their number. Emmet screamed for them to get down and brought Clara to bear…



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