• Bob Chen

    Bob Chen

    A legacy lawyer that specialized in Real Estate and Last Wills
  • Det. Bo Hong

    Det. Bo Hong

    Normally looking with his short hair and warm eyes, there is a dark secret in Det. Hong's demeanor, one he would kill to protect.
  • Det. Ichiro Chang

    Det. Ichiro Chang

    A SFPD Organized Crime officer with a high self-purpose but little faith.
  • Huang Jiang

    Huang Jiang

    A Triad officer great sway in the organization, but a nervous demeanor.
  • Jigo Takata

    Jigo Takata

    Portly Yakuza enforcer with nerves of steel.
  • Koruto Ashigama, the Bloody Blade

    Koruto Ashigama, the Bloody Blade

    A yakuza enforcer who has been possessed by a sword possessed by a malevolent spirit, Ryuujinshin
  • Narcissa


    With dreads and skin of mocha and dreadlocks, she is the last person you'd expect to be the head nurse at St. Francis hospital
  • Old Sparky

    Old Sparky

    Grizzled old survivalist and Nam veteran