Huang Jiang

A Triad officer great sway in the organization, but a nervous demeanor.




Huang Jiang, blood type AB, born under the Capricorn, is a superstitious, capricious, but very powerful member of the Triad in San Francisco. He believes that he is cursed with bad luck, even though only good luck has let him make it to the role of Triad boss.

Unfortunately, bad luck has followed him to the shores of the US, because he is in charge of the Triad operations in San Francisco (mostly due to his enormous mental “processing power”) when Ryuujin arrives.

Huang Jiang believes that the only way to combat the soul eating power of Ryuujin is with the ghosts of the citizens of China town. To this extent, he is destroying the statues of the Heibei Wuchang to free the ghosts to wander and hopefully make China Town too much trouble for the Yakuza.

Huang, is nervous and sweaty with long hair and overlarge suits, as he is a small man.

Huang Jiang

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