Koruto Ashigama, the Bloody Blade

A yakuza enforcer who has been possessed by a sword possessed by a malevolent spirit, Ryuujinshin




A master swordsman and enforcer for the Yakuza, no-one knows were Koruto came to possess Ryujinshin, but what is clear is that the sword is as much in control as he is and rules by fear. Koruto is an enforcer but no one dares actually demand of him as he and his sword are capable of eliminating countless soldiers before being brought in line.

He is of average height and build with deep hard eyes, like the lake beneath the ice and shoulder-length raven-black hair. He often dresses in 3 pieces suits, complete with top hat and gloves when he goes to his bloody work.

It appears the Yakuza have eyes on Chinatown, San Francisco but unfortunately for the residents of that urban area, they have sent Koruto to this peaceful area.

Only time will tell what Koruto and Ryujinshin’s goals really are…

Koruto Ashigama, the Bloody Blade

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