The Cult of Ryuujinshinn

The Cult of Ryuujinshinn is an ancient japanese colt of martial warriors dedicated to wielding the ancient Yokai-possessed blade of Ryuujinshinn. To touch the blade is to allow the demon to feed on your soul and only the strongest warriors can withstand that wicked, malign, and potent touch.

Every generation of warriors is culled, and only the strongest is allowed to take the blade. To prove their strength, they must kill every other warrior in that generation. This generation, it was Koruto Ashigama, the Bloody Blade.

He is a young but powerful warrior capable of using a portion of the power of the wicked cursed blade Ryuujinshinn, more than any warrior has managed for over 200 years. In fact he is also the youngest to ever take the sword, killing its current user and the rest of his generation at only 23 yrs old. He seeks out worthy combat and powerful opponents to prove his prowess and ability.

The cult still functions to this day, often hiring out their most powerful warriors before a culling to fight as assassins and warriors. The current generation of warriors is still young however, only 13-15 years of age at oldest. So most of the mercenary operations are undertaken by Koruto himself.

The Cult of Ryuujinshinn

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